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Posted by Paul
on Mar 30

the greatest

I had Linda Havel as an attorney and she was great in every way and is worth MORE than what she charged. I was hit by a car while riding my bicycle and suffered a head injury and was off from work for many months and the guy who hit me had no money but she was able to fix it where I had my hospital bills covered and my expenses covered while I was off work and ended up with a nice sum of money.

Posted by John
on Mar 27

Success when dealing with an insurance company that does not want to deal in good fath

Linda was our first chose. We were nieve enough to think that being with a large insurance company we would protect us. When I had a motorcycle accident that involved a driver with the the state minual insurance. I had uninsured and underinsured coverage but that ment nothing to the insurance company, they jumped through hoops to avoid payment. I went through five different claims agents, while the company tried to ware us down. Linda stay with us, she fought like a bulldog, and we finally reached a settlement that we though was fair.

Posted by Jack T
on Mar 21

Performance Linda Havel Attorney at Law

I have known Linda Havel for several years. She has represented interests both personally and professionally for me. The results in each instance exceeded my highest expectations. She is a skilled advocate and litigator. In one particular situation, which I can not by agreement be specific, she was able to obtain exactly the legal resolution that we engaged her to resolve but she even further got a significant financial resolution. If I need any legal representation or advice, she is my very first call.

Posted by Carol
on Dec 4, 2014

Excellent advocate for her clients!

I have worked with Linda Havel on a professional level on a number of her cases. She is superb! It is not all that often that you see an attorney act with such dedication to their clients and getting the great outcomes she does. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has been injured and needs help.

Posted by Jim
on Dec 4, 2014

Very Helpful

I used Linda when I had a bike accident and she was very good at keeping me in the loop at all times. She was involved and provided excellent advise regarding my treatment and provided referrals to medical professionals that I needed to help me recover.